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Hiker Hostel
Summer 2024
Reservations Made by Phone or Email Only
(strongly suggested if you want a bed)

During the summer we make part of our space available as a hostel for hikers and bikers on the Colorado Trail.  The outdoor hostel opens on May 24, 2024 and the indoor hostel opens on June 19, 2024. The Hostel closes the Friday before Labor Day (August 30, 2024).

Our hostel space consists of three distinct lodging options: a "by the bed" co-ed hostel space on the ground floor, two private bedrooms with shared bathroom in a newly remodeled apartment upstairs, and a handful of tent sites with access to an indoor bathroom.  See below for details and photos.

Note that we only allow dogs in the tent sites outside--not in the buildings.  We no longer offer drive-in camping (in tents, vehicles or RV's).  Our tent sites are provided only as an overnight option for hiking guests looking for a hot shower and laundry facilities.

  • See hostel details, resupply box instructions, and shuttle information below.

  • We have private suites and vacation homes available year-round that can be reserved online (see the Vacation Home and Riverside Suites pages on our website, or hit the "Check Availability" button and put in your dates to see what we have available).
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Hostel Details

Downstairs Hostel Gallery

Upstairs Hostel Gallery

59786 US Highway 285 Bailey CO -  MLS Sized - 001 - 01 Exterior Front.jpg

The Downstairs Hostel, with 4 twin beds in two separate sleeping areas and direct access to a patio in the back garden overlooking the river, includes a community kitchen and lounge/TV area; shared bathroom/shower; laundry (we have loaner clothes available if you want to wash everything you have!); clean, comfortable beds (we supply a full set of linens, pillow and pillowcase, and a towel); free wi-fi and electrical recharge stations; and access to The Park at Two Bridges, with a trout pond, picnic area, games, and other outdoor amenities and relaxation areas.  Hostel beds are $50 per night (2024 season), plus taxes and fees.

The Upstairs Hostel has two private bedrooms, one with a queen-sized bed and the other with two twin-sized beds, that share access to a full kitchen, bathroom, living room, and laundry room. These rooms are supplied with a full set of linens and towels for your comfort and include the amenities noted above.  These rooms are priced at $140 per night on weekdays and $165 per night on weekends/holidays (2024 season), plus taxes and fees.

The Outdoor Hostel provides your own tent site (priced per-person staying at the site) and picnic table along the river, plus access to an indoor bathroom/shower and laundry.  Well-behaved dogs are welcome only in the Outdoor Hostel (if their humans clean up after them and take care of them).  Tenting is $25 per person per night (2024 season), plus taxes and fees.


We are within walking distance of several restaurants, a brewery, a winery, the post office, and a laundromat.  There are a few resupply stores in town, including Platte River Outfitters , Dollar General, and Rosalie's Market, a small grocery with fresh produce and meat. We have a collection of bicycles available for our guests to use if they want to give their feet a rest as they explore Bailey.

Hostel lodging is reserv
ed only via telephone or email.  If you would like to book via email, send us the guest name(s), which type of hostel lodging you are looking for, and your mobile number.  We will make the reservation and send you a payment link to pay for it.  Full payment for lodging cost is due at time of booking. 

​Reservations are encouraged, but drop-ins are welcome too! 

If your arrival date changes and we have availability on the new date we will be as flexible as possible to accommodate a date change.  See our terms and conditions on the availability page for full hostel cancellation or date change details.

Maximum stay length is 3 nights unless you make prior arrangements with management.

No smoking, vaping, or drug use is allowed on the property or in any of the lodging areas.

No pets are allowed in the Hostel or any other lodging.  

Two Bridges Lodge is not 420-friendly.  If you choose to use, please do it elsewhere.

Outdoor Hostel Photos

59786 US Highway 285 Bailey CO -  MLS Sized - 036 - 62 Views.jpg

Resupply Box Instructions

We will accept and hold resupply boxes for reserved guests at no additional charge.  Please send your packages via:

USPS at P.O. Box 629, Bailey, CO 80421 (any box sent via the Post Office MUST include the P.O. Box, not our street address (USPS will not deliver it to the building!)).


FedEx/UPS at 59786 US Highway 285, Bailey, CO 80421 (these carriers will deliver directly to the Lodge).


Please address your package to Two Bridges Lodge, Attn: [Your Name and arrival date] so we will know whose it is.  It also helps if you put your name and arrival date on the small side of the box. 

Make sure you allow enough time ahead of your arrival in Bailey (and maybe a day or two earlier in case you move faster than anticipated) for the box to arrive.  We have had hikers beat their boxes in and then leave before the box arrives.  We pick up the Post Office boxes a few times a week and hold them in our office for your arrival.  And remember, the Post Office closes at noon on Saturday and does not reopen until Monday morning.

We will hold boxes up to 2 weeks after your designated arrival date, then they go into the hiker box if not claimed.

Colorado Trail Shuttle Instructions

If you are a guest of Two Bridges Lodge and would like a shuttle from the trail to the Lodge, we ask that you make a reservation for your lodging with us before hitting the trail.  We encourage you to hitchhike into Bailey if you are comfortable doing so.  Shuttle service is available from local drivers offering this service as a convenience to Colorado Trail hikers.  We coordinate rides with these drivers only for registered guests of the Hostel.  Shuttle costs/policies are shown to the right.


If you are SOBO and want to come off before Rolling Creek, text our guest services at 970-610-6656 when you go into Waterton Canyon to confirm you are on the trail.

1) You will have intermittent cell service along the way.  If your timing or plans change along the way, text again when you have service.

2) You should pick up cell service about 3 miles out from Rolling Creek.  Call or text us from there with your estimated arrival time at Wellington Lake Road (a little bit short of the Rolling Creek Trailhead).  

3) We will confirm receipt of that text, tell you who your driver is, and they will pick you up at the parking area where the trail crosses Wellington Lake Road.  

If you would like a pick-up at Kenosha Pass, there is intermittent cell service on both SOBO and NOBO approaches to Kenosha Pass, so just give us as much warning as possible if you want a ride from there. 

The drivers generally run shuttle services between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. seven days a week.  Inbound runs should be scheduled in advance with pick-up time confirmed from the trail on pick-up day.  Outbound runs will be scheduled at the Lodge.

Rolling Creek Trailhead (between Segments 3 &4)--$25 per person each way.

Kenosha Pass (between Segments 5 & 6)--$25 per person each way.

Drivers can shuttle bikes and dogs (of Outdoor Hostel guests) to/from either stop.  Please let us know in advance so we make sure to match you with the right vehicle/driver.

If you request an inbound shuttle and we dispatch a driver, you will be charged for that shuttle even if you accept a ride or hitch down with someone else before the driver gets there.  Though you schedule your pickup through the Lodge, the drivers are independent contractors shuttling as a convenience for hikers on the trail (and as a way to make a little money over the summer).  It is an hour round-trip plus gas and wear and tear on their vehicle, so please respect them if you ask them to come get you.

Shuttles to other locations may be available depending upon driver availability.  Costs will be negotiated with the driver at the time of booking.

Payment for shuttles is made the day of service and can be made via cash or card. We prefer you pay the driver in cash.  If you pay by card, a 3.25% credit card processing fee will be added to the cost.  There are a couple of ATMs in town if you need one.

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