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Our river improvements were completed at the end of October 2022 and the new inhabitants of our gorgeous pools, runs and riffles started moving in shortly thereafter.  They have thrived through the cold and ice this winter and the population keeps growing!

River fishing at Two Bridges is catch and release, barbless fly-fishing only.  We provide the only location on the North Fork of the South Platte River where you can stay in luxury riverside accommodations and fish private water without a guide.  We do not supply flyfishing gear.  If you have your own flyfishing gear and would like to bring it, you are welcome to do so.  There are a couple of fly shops in the area you can use for resupply.  If you need gear, we suggest you contact a local guide service and explore a guided trip, whether on our water or elsewhere (we can provide some recommendations).  

Our lodging guests can fish the river for a daily rod fee of $175 per angler and will receive priority access to the water.    Lodging guests may fish on their own (no guide required) after a property orientation, execution of a waiver, presentation of a valid Colorado fishing license, and payment of rod fees. 

All lodging guests also receive complimentary access to our trout pond.  Fishing in the pond is a little more relaxed and is great for family members who want to fish but do not want to dedicate a day to the river.  You can use your fly rod (cast distances are short) or borrow one of our spinning poles.  Artificial lures with barbless hooks only--and strictly catch and release.  No fishing license is required to fish in the pond.

If you are not staying with us, but are interested in fishing here, we will allow a limited number of non-guest anglers to fish (only on days not reserved by guests).  If you are not a guest, you must fish with a guide and your guide will need to arrange access directly with us prior to your visit.  We do not have exclusivity arrangements with any guide service.  Any guide wishing to bring clients to our section of the river must visit our office and property and be pre-approved by us before booking guests on the river.  

A few notes on flyfishing the river at Two Bridges Lodge:

1) We intentionally limit the number of anglers on our water.  We allow a maximum of six anglers on the water per day and fish only 5 days per week.

2) No fishing in the river is allowed without payment of a daily rod fee.  Guest privileges will be terminated for fishing without permission (you will be asked to vacate your lodging immediately with no refund).  Non-guest trespassers will be ejected from the property.

3) No fishing is allowed by non-guests unless accompanied by a guide previously approved by Two Bridges Lodge.

4) All fishing is catch and release with barbless flies only.

5) A valid Colorado fishing license is required.

6) Execution of a waiver and release is required.

7) Pre-fishing angler orientation and use of Two Bridges Lodge angler identification is required.

If you have any questions about fishing, please contact John at, or call 303-512-3295.

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